The Investment Bank for Startups

From securing bidders to negotiating terms, Superconnector helps venture-backed startups get acquired quickly and efficiently.

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For founders, VCs, and executives

Superconnector is a fast, affordable way to organize startup acquisitions. The earlier you talk to us, the more we can help you.

Our Mission

To increase startup acquisitions by an order of magnitude

90% of seed stage startups die before raising a Series A. Many of them are strong acquisition targets, but their founders don't know how to sell a company. That's where we come in.

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Proven strategies

Selling a startup is hard. Superconnector lightens the load with acquisition playbooks tailored to your unique circumstances.

Trusted network

Get access to a network of decision-makers from leading startups, large companies, and service providers in your industry.

Intelligent software

Use our proprietary acquisition data to get the best deal. Share information securely and track every phase of your acquisition automatically.

Our Vision

A new model for investment banking

Superconnector is to traditional investment banking what venture capital was to private equity. We're creating a suite of financial products similar to those offered by traditional investment banks, but redesigned for startups.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Asset Management
Leveraged Finance

We're obsessed with startup M&A

“Acquisitions are life-changing for a startup's founders and their employees. To help everyone succeed, we put together an experienced team from organizations like Amazon, BCG, and Y Combinator.”

Matt Joseph
Founder of Superconnector

We break acquisitions into segments so you stay focused


Create a dynamic roadmap for your acquisition using a range of different factors including stage, traction, industry, funding, and expertise. Your roadmap changes as you update your preferences and demonstrate proficiency in areas acquirers care about.


Get help identifying potential acquirers, securing introductions, and setting up meetings. Our goal is to establish a relationship with bidders and begin to evaluate whether an acquisition would be beneficial for both sides.


Privately share your financial, legal, and operational information with serious bidders through Superconnector. Give bidders a complete and accurate picture of your organization before proceeding with the evaluation.


Set your asking price for each bidder based on your assets, liabilities, and earnings. Use our data about bidders and the acquisition market to tell the story of why a potential acquisition makes sense and what it's worth to them.


Negotiate the terms of the deal, including the purchase price, payment structure, and any contingencies directly through Superconnector. Apply insights from our acquisition database and leading service providers to inform your choices.


Draft and execute legal documents, transfer ownership of assets, and complete other administrative tasks. Follow best-in-class playbooks on finalizing acquisitions and celebrating your deal privately and publicly.


Align processes, systems, and cultures to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the value of the acquisition. Make sure co-founders, employees, investors, get paid under the terms of the agreement.